What Does Protein Do For The Body? Here, 6 RDs Break It Down

You've probably heard that it's important to get enough protein in your diet. But do you actually know why? Protein is a nutrient powerhouse and one of the three macronutrients that you eat most (carbohydrates and fats are the others). You'll find it in a wide range of sources from plant and animal foods (including eggs, fish, chicken and tofu), protein bars (we suggest our Vital Performance™ Protein Bar) and supplements, such as protein powder (like our Vital Performance™ Protein).

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How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Food, According To Dietitians

Feeling like you’ve been on the hamster wheel of yo-yo diets since you were young? You’re not alone.

It’s difficult enough trying to master self-love, let alone develop a healthy relationship with food when diet culture has become so prevalent in all the things we read, click and see today.

The good news is you can put an end to this dysfunctional relationship with food. If you’re ready to transform this huge part of your life, it all starts with these tips from dietitians as they break down h

Fitness Pros Share Their Best Post-Workout Recovery Tips

Having trouble bouncing back after a tough workout? Your post-workout recovery (or lack thereof) could be to blame.

“Lack of a proper recovery doesn’t allow your body to maximize all the health benefits of your workout,” says Ridge Davis, a celebrity fitness expert. “Improper recovery can lead to an impaired immune system, poor concentration …. and gradual breakdown of your body’s capabilities."

To help you get the most out of your workouts, we spoke to fitness pros to get their top tips on th

The Best Morning Routine Ever, Courtesy Of These Wellness Hacks

There’s a lot to be said about morning routines. We’ve been told to set our alarm clocks earlier and to hit the ground running (literally) with a workout the moment you wake up. But the truth is, sometimes you just need to hack your way into results.

That’s where these expert-backed wellness tips come in. We’ve got everything from cold showers to an acupuncture trick that will have you up and at ‘em.

Get ready, because these hacks put the good in “good morning!”

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8 Wellness Hacks To Use This Back-To-School Season

Let’s not sugar-coat it: Back-to-school season can be extremely stressful. You’re saying goodbye to the carefree days of summer and hello to full schedules and endless to-do lists. Add in the ongoing pandemic, and it’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Thankfully, you don’t have to enter this school year empty-handed. Whether you’re the one hitting the books, or the kids are, these wellness hacks — straight from the experts — can help bring calm to the chaos.

If you want to meal prep like

6 Food Swaps To Make This Fall, According To Dietitians

Fall is not only the perfect time to sip on Pumpkin Spice Lattes and binge-watch Hallmark movies, but also for changing up our diets. As the chill weather continues to rise with each passing day, so do our comfort food cravings. Think warm soups, hot beverages and hearty casseroles – yum!

As it turns out, there’s actually a scientific reason behind this. “We eat more during these months due to colder weather and the act of eating warming our bodies,” saysLisa Richards, nutritionist and creator

13 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget, According To Dietitians

Healthy eating doesn't have to break the bank. Shopping smart by planning, buying in bulk and cooking from scratch is good for your budget (and your health!). Instagramable avocado toast, here you come (overpriced brunch not included).

Don't believe us? Just ask the dietitians: "A nutritious diet is completely doable with some planning, creativity and a good bit of cooking at home," says Amy Davis, RD, LDN. Here are the 13 best tips for making healthy eating on a budget a reality, according to

The 5 Best Foods To Eat After A Workout

When it comes to crushing a tough workout, many of us know how to fuel our bodies like the pros in order to crush our upcoming workouts. As it turns out, what you eat after a sweat session is just as important as what you eat beforehand.

"Choosing nutrient-dense foods after a workout is important for replenishing energy stores and helping repair and build muscle," Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, Owner of Crystal Karges Nutrition, explains to Lively. "A balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates and

Hangry? Reach For These High Protein Snacks, As Recommended By Nutritionists

When that midday hunger pang strikes, what happens next is all-too-familiar: You reach for that cheesy bag of chips or unwrap that chocolate bar you've had hidden in your desk.

While these foods curb hunger for the moment (and taste good), they also leave you feeling more sleepy (and hungrier) in the long run. So, what's a hangry person to do?

Enter: protein. Not to throw shade to the other macronutrients (carbohydrates and fats), but protein does a better job keeping you full for longer. To h

You Asked, RDs Answered: 'How Many Calories Should I Eat In A Day?'

You can't get too far in the world of health without talking about calories i.e., units of energy. If you've ever tried to lose weight, or are working toward a fitness goal (like marathon or strength training) chances are you’ve asked yourself, "how many calories should I eat a day?"

While there are many guides on the internet, calorie counting isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. The amount of calories you should be consuming daily depends greatly on different factors, such as sex, weight, age,

Help Harness Your Zen With These Breathing Exercises

Need to unwind? You've come to the right place. Instead of shelling loads of money on the newest self-care trend, why not try the option closest to you? Breathing. You don't even need to go to a gym or spa to use the power of your own lungs. The best part — harnessing your breath is completely free. There are plenty of breathing exercises out there to help you weather moments of stormy seas. Here, come relax with the wellness experts who provided A to Z(en) on breathing exercises.

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9 Simple Wellness Hacks To Help Motivate Your Day

If you find yourself nodding off during the day, it’s oh-so-tempting to brew another cup of coffee or reach for that energy drink with ingredients you can’t pronounce. But what if there were other ways to put some pep back in your step?

Enter these wellness hacks. They’ve come straight from the experts in an effort to help you boost your day — no energy drink or emergency chocolate bar required. Even better, they're so easy to do! Scroll on to get the scoop.

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